Common Electrical Issues in Modern Houses

Electricity is one of the most essential requirements of the modern age. If you take a look around your house, you will realise that virtually all of the things that you use on a daily basis are powered by electricity. Your mobile phone and laptop both require a charge, which is delivered by the supply of electricity in your house. Television screens, displays, lights, ceiling fans, and a myriad of other home appliances all need electricity to function at all. Without electricity, civilisation might not have been able to advance at the rate which it has.

In less than a century, the birth of electricity has changed almost everything. Today, the process for supplying electricity around the globe has become quite refined. From the point of generation, electricity is passed through several substations and power stations until it reaches the house. There are regulators installed at different points to measure the electricity as well. The electricity that comes through to your house is then divided into several phases. If there’s an electrical problem in your house, it’s generally a suitable idea to call electricians in Point Cook instead of tampering with the wiring or the electrical components on your own. While it is incredibly useful, electricity is also very harmful, leading to thousands of deaths all over the globe. If you handle an exposed wire, you will receive a massive shock. In some cases, that shock is fatal enough to deliver a powerful jolt to a person’s heart, shutting it down completely. Therefore, tampering with the electrical wiring is generally a bad idea. However, most people are under the impression that they can fix the electrical problems by themselves. Again, that’s not advised at all. Here are some common electrical problems that you should only let a professional fix in your house.

Electrical Fluctuations

Electricity is supplied to buildings at a fixed voltage. While there can be a slight variation in the voltage, it’s usually not that big. In most cases, there are strict regulatory components and breakers installed along the wiring to detect a fluctuation in the voltage. The circuit breaker immediately trips the connection if there’s a major voltage fluctuation, thus protecting your appliances from damage. However, if you notice the lights flickering in your house and the ceiling fans slowing down, it’s probably a clear sign that the electricity is fluctuating rapidly in your house. You should call an electrician right away to fix the problem.

Sparks or Burning Smells

If you can see sparks from any of the wires in your house, or a burning smell wafts through the air at random intervals, it’s probably because the insulation on any of the wires has worn off. This could cause a short-circuit at your place, so it’s recommended that you take action as quickly as possible. Call an electrician and shut off the power supply from the mains circuit if the sparks continue to fly. Don’t turn on the power until the electrician has replaced or fixed the issue.

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