Enhancing Personal Security in an Unpredictable World

The fact is that none of us really know what each day will bring. We may walk around in auto-mode doing the things we need to do every single day, but what happens when something comes out of the blue? Opportunistic thefts and other crimes are up in many cities and suburbs, and we have so much to lose. How can we enhance our own personal security and help locate things that have been lost or stolen?

Track What You Need When You Need to

Even though technology is sometimes to blame for a raft of cyberbullying and hacking, it can also be our best friend in terms of security. Imagine a device that can be attached to just about any item of property you have that will allow you to locate it when it is lost? This is exactly what the Blaqwolf GPS Tracker offers.

The web may have given us trolls and flame wars, but it has also enabled us to locate lost items. By attaching a special GPS and Bluetooth-enabled tracking tag to any personal item, you can locate it with pin-point accuracy. This means that you not only can enhance the security of your car keys, but you can also attach this type of tracker to dog and cat collars.

In an uncertain world, such a device offers a level of security and control that can seriously improve the prospects of locating not just inanimate objects, but people too. Here’s how such a tracking device can help just about anyone:

  • Bluetooth: Normal consumer-grade Bluetooth only has a communication range of around fifteen However, a high-grade tracking device can deliver a signal up to 110 metres. That is more than enough coverage to find the average lost set of car keys or misplaced smartphone around the house!
  • Emergency signal: Even if it was just a simple location device, it would be enough, but these high -end models also pack in an SOS distress signal that can be activated. Imagine being able to send your teenager son or daughter out for a night on the town armed with a device like this? If they get into trouble or find themselves in a situation where they feel threatened, they can easily activate the SOS functionality of the tracker and it will send out a signal to alert the authorities with GPS-sourced location information.
  • Durable: What good is a tracking device if it is not strong and durable? Fortunately, these high-end models are waterproof and will survive bumps and drops.

Some Peace of Mind in a Chaotic World

While most of us never set out to do harm to others or get into trouble, the truth is that the world is full of people who make poor decisions and place other people in harm’s way. A GPS and Bluetooth-enabled tracking device can help to increase personal security and locate lost people and items using the latest technology. In an unpredictable world, this is surely worth looking into.

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