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Enterprise Resource Planning and alter Management

What’s Enterprise Resource Planning and why ERP relates to Change? Initially we have to allow it to be obvious that if we are speaking about ERP, we mean the Enterprise Resource Planning solutions that are really following a concepts and characteristics of ERP. Enterprise Resource Planning isn’t just a technology that automates the processes from the organizations but is a strategy to run the company more effective and advantageous. Which means applying a global class Enterprise Resource Planning involves not just with alterations in the technical layer from the organization but additionally alterations in the mission layer from the organization. This occurs mainly because of the Guidelines which Enterprise Resource Planning solutions offer. Guidelines make reference to the company models which are turned into workflow engine and also the logic of programs in ERP package. Such models are created thorough benchmarking in the practices and business processes around the globe class organizations and ideal enterprises. Then when a company uses such ERP solutions, actually it employs these Business reference models. Thus, Enterprise Resource Planning implementation is the same as running the company according to new processes and practices. However the workers from the organization should switch to focus on a brand new practice. This exposes why ERP is tied with alternation in the business and business change should be considered as a result of such Enterprise Resource Planning implementation. What areas will undergo change? The modification as told begins in the business processes. Including new method of doing works and processes to operate the company. In addition alternation in the attitude towards the organization tasks might become necessary when the current habits to do tasks have significant gaps using the new processes.

For a simple example when the employees presently do their dedicated tasks individually within their defined limitations they have to to alter to operate based on an interlocked chain from the tasks known as business processes. It’s because the main feature associated with a Enterprise Resource Planning that is process oriented. This clearly needs a general change in the attitude and behavior from the organization individuals from an activity oriented method of process oriented approach. People concentration such integrated business must change from concentrating on their separate jobs not concerned about another parts, to taking proper care of the whole process and do what all they are able to to complete the whole process perfect. Additionally process integration also must happen. The company processes are with regards together and every process might trigger other ways to be launched. In this manner team working also is sensible and can get to the scope. Actually teams should be created round the business processes. Team performance needs enhancements within the horizontal relationships between employees and enhancements within their communication abilities. The thing is how principle concepts of ERP involve wide alterations in the folks side from the enterprise. Start up business processes effects with new business roles and jobs descriptions for that employees. You can get some alterations in business chart because of adoption towards the new processes and job definitions. Additionally we’ve got the technology is also being altered. The reports and knowledge types of ERP makes variations within the methods for data movement in addition to reporting within the organization. Online use of needed data for just about any worker and computerized data flow necessitates the individuals to vary from paper based trying to make use of the automated data. Trust to mechanized information is not too easy for anyone who’ve been your paper based organization for any lengthy time. This exactly needs alternation in habits and attitudes. Managers also must get accustomed to take managing reports in the system and spend time for analyzing information.

Conclusion As reported by the above you can conclude that applying and making use of a global class ERP option would be tightly connected with managing people side of change. Actually even though you setup ERP applications properly however the people side of change does not occur the organization won’t be focusing on the ERP practices so it won’t gain the expected benefits. Additionally Enterprise Resource Planning implementation no matter altering the workers may cause stoppage inside your business. Should you consider the failure tales you can observe that lots of ERP implementations are unsuccessful following the software implementation, because of organization wasn’t competent to perform as reported by the ERP business processes and it is requirements. Within the other world the workers didn’t adopted using these new practices. The main reason is insufficient a big change Management program. Indeed applying an ERP solution additionally to some technical project management software requires a people side of Change Management program. This Transformation Management may have its very own scenario, activities and responsible. We are able to say you have to run two projects. The aim of the modification Management project is to help make the people ready for change and conduct these to proceed to the brand new atmosphere and map these to the brand new method of running business.

We must realize that Change Management tasks won’t be the same even just in one ERP project. Which means for those who have selected Purchasing, HRMS … of 1 Enterprise Resource Planning system, you need to do Change Management tasks regarding to a particular module. This means because employees in various departments do different tasks, thus we have to do related Change Management activities too.

Enjoy your ERP and alter Management activities!


Mansour Mansouri

Farhad Saadati

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– B.S Degree in Industrial Engineering

– M.S Degree in Systems Engineering

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– Employed in MANAGEMENT Computer implementations as System Analyst & Designer for five years.

– Employed in ERP implementations for industrial Factories as Functional Consultant.

– Project Managers of two ERP projects applying Oracle E-Business Suit.

– Survey on failure and success tales of ERP Implementations to complete real cause analysis

– Research on Enterprise Resource Planning benefits & Benefits realization for enterprises. Offering model & measures

– Research on ERP Implementation Risk Management.

– Research and Issue paper on People side of Change Management.

Enterprise Resource Planning entails the integration of variant business functions of a particular company is a single computer system thereby facilitating business automation through standardization of the format in which the information is made available! Contact Synergix Technologies for highly efficient ERP solutions.

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