How to make your employees feel taken care of?

The secret of every successful entrepreneur is pretty apparent; they know how to make the most of their employees. And, the best of employees can be dragged out only when they are thoroughly accomplished about what they do. There is no rocket science involved in it to understand; every one of us delivers our best performance when we are devoted to something. This devotion comes naturally when someone cares. To care for something, one expects the assurance or care in return. This is where an entrepreneur has to play a big role.

What does caring an employee mean?

An employer has to take care of the physical, mental, and financial health of the employees, to ensure that they deliver even bigger.

How can someone work hard for you and still be happy?

The answer is simple; when he/she is naturally enthused about the work.

How can someone be naturally enthused?

The answer is when he cares for the organization or the boss.

Why would someone care for the organization?

The answer is even simpler; because the organization cares for him.

What does it mean by caring an employee or employees?

Most people think caring means are simply paying a better package or work relaxation. This where the ordinary employers make a mistake, and genius ones go ahead. One must understand that the package and incentives are all relative. What you pay can be paid by someone else as well. You can’t expect your employee to be naturally enthused about the work just because you pay something that is paid everywhere.

After all, you can’t pay suffering loss; this can’t be called smart entrepreneurship. Rather, an employer must be able to make its employees see a dream through its company. Everyone has a dream or a wish in life. Make your employees feel that the same can be achieved by being a part of your organization.

How an employee’s dream matter for the employer?

A dream or wish is a wholesome thing; it makes a person focussed.  Once you make your employee see a dream through your company, he/she is not going to think about changing the company easily.

He/she would believe about being on the right path. As he believes that he is on the right path, and also assured about being taken care of, he naturally feels motivated to rush as fast as possible.

And, this is what an entrepreneur would want. His (the employer’s) task becomes effortless now. However, in regular intervals, one needs to keep on sparking the employees in this regard. This is important as sometimes the employees feel repetitive, boring, which ultimately creates dispassion like tendencies even about their dream or goal. It makes them naturally feel lethargic. To avoid these things, an entrepreneur can make them engaged in the following ways.

  • Assign them bigger position and responsibilities (of course with increased salary); it makes them feel charged up again.
  • Provide company sponsored trips, parties, etc., to address their mental or amusement needs.
  • Arrange motivational sessions or seminars to make them stay passionate.
  • Most importantly, seek their suggestions, let them initiate something, to boost their creativity and make them feel involved with the company.

Upon observing closely, one can find the above aspects are the secrets behind a motivated workforce of top companies.