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Some Don’ts To Follow When Building a New Website

When you create a website, right from scratch, using the code, it can prove itself to be quite time, effort and money consuming. Hence, there is an entire industry based on building websites, the one and only website creator tool online. As it is easy and often free to use with so many options available, many people tend to use it. And some of these many people tend to do it wrong.

Here are some things not to do when building a website.

  1. Make it difficult or confusing to navigate

Pave out a path you want your audience to take, make it intuitive, and then implement it. In other words, don’t make your visitor think where to navigate. Create a menu in such a way that has the most famous pages so that your audience can easily navigate through these pages. If they are unable to differentiate between a clickable link and an adorned part of the text, it may have some design issues. In the worst case scenario, if a visitor cannot find the information he has been seeking, they may not visit your website in future.

  1. Add any flash or music

Both flash as well as music is bound to slow down your website, making it less accessible. The music that would autostart will just create a nuisance, particularly if your audience is already listening to his own music system. Besides this, the flash doesn’t provide much value to the SEO anymore. It has also been phased out for HTML5 video, which loads faster and less processor intensive.

  1. Use Copyrighted Content (Without the Proper License)

You cannot just simply search on Google and pick any photo that is suitable to your website. Many images are been protected by the copyright, and could easily land you in legal trouble if you haven’t taken any proper permission or license is not obtained. A creative commons license lets the content to be shared on their site or edit a piece of content and share if accurate attribution is provided.

  1. Expect overnight success

If you haven’t any huge marketing budget or haven’t been investing in anything, don’t expect people to visit your website. Hence, building your brand and a dedicated website takes a lot of hard work, patience, and time. Don’t get discouraged if it has taken months and you got no progress.

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